VPN obstacles

What if you could eliminate the most frustrating technical obstacles, instantly?

We get it. Your data is by far the most valuable asset that your company owns. There is nothing more important than keeping it secure. But is that security turning into an obstacle for your workforce? The answer is probably yes.

It’s this tension between security and accessibility that can be one of the biggest sources of friction between organizations and end users, and it gets at a central conflict that every company faces: is your primary directive to protect data, or to provide the tools and accessibility your employees need to get the job done?

 For a long time, the solution has been VPN, but that has it’s draw backs. Security measures can often become such an obstacle that employees resort to using publicly available apps to get the job done—effectively creating their own shadow IT system of unauthorized or non-compliant solutions. From an IT perspective this is a huge no-no because it creates untold security problems. From a management perspective it’s a nightmare of fragmentation of data and knowledge. And from an end-user perspective, it’s a problem because they just want tools that will work and make their day to day lives easier.

What we’re really talking about here isn’t security or accessibility, it’s flexibility. End users want the freedom to choose the tools that best enable them to get the jobs done, while IT wants to control access to the network and data. What if you could have both?

Lenovo Unified Workspace is the solution that lets you eliminate the most frustrating technical obstacles, while empowering your end users to get the job done how, when, and where they need to. It’s a digital workspace aggregator that eliminates the need for IT to come up with one-size fits all solutions and let’s end users choose their own tools and apps, while still allowing IT to control over who has access to what and when, without putting roadblocks in their way. 

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Written by Arik Abel

Arik Abel is the product marketing manager for Lenovo Unified Workspace. In this role he collaborates frequently with customers, industry analysts, sales and product management to help create a vision for how organizations will benefit from the Unified Workspace solution. Arik’s background includes marketing leadership roles in startups, technology, consumer brands and agencies.

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