Work Happens Here, There And Everywhere


It doesn’t seem so long ago that RIM’s Blackberry changed the way we thought of work. Suddenly our email and calendar went everywhere with us. The introduction of the modern smart phone just over 10 years ago changed the idea of productivity even more. Now everything we need to get the job done-- the content and the apps to edit it-- fits in our pocket—accessible anytime, anywhere. 

That means that for many employees, the line between work and life has indeed become blurred. Odds are your most talented and productive employees never really “switch off”—they are constantly thinking about your business and how to solve its challenges. 

So how do you provide them with the technology that allows them to get the job done when inspiration strikes? 

Lenovo Unified Workspace is an all-new way to think about using digital workspaces to enhance flexibility-- letting your employees work where, when and how they want.

 Instead of relying on VPN or file servers connected to your secure network, Unified Workspace is a secure workspace aggregator that’s device and network agnostic. That means that your employees have access to all their files, apps, and portals to get the job done on any device in any location through a simple browser tab or mobile app.

So whether they’re in an airport waiting on a flight, struck with inspiration on a run, or taking a conference call on El Capitan, they can have access to everything they need to solve problems, innovate and deliver ROI for your business.

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Written by Arik Abel

Arik Abel is the product marketing manager for Lenovo Unified Workspace. In this role he collaborates frequently with customers, industry analysts, sales and product management to help create a vision for how organizations will benefit from the Unified Workspace solution. Arik’s background includes marketing leadership roles in startups, technology, consumer brands and agencies.

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