Turkey Slicing and Integrated Marketing: Take Demand Generation to the Next Level


If you’ve been following the digital marketing industry for awhile, you’re likely already familiar with the concept of a content turkey. 

(Presented here and here, if you need a refresher.)

With Thanksgiving upon us — the real one, where we feast on a big, juicy bird — I’ve been thinking a lot about portions and pairings. No, I’m not talking about pounds and pumpkin pie, but rather the methods we use to create content for demand generation and sales enablement.

You see, I’ve noticed that it’s not unusual for different teams to take different approaches to these content needs. I’ve also discovered that it’s much more effective to have them served and shared at the same table.

After speaking on this subject during Corporate Visions’ Client Success Summit, I feel it’s time to address it here on the Lenovo Software blog.

Integrated Marketing With Power Messaging as the Centerpiece

If your family is anything like mine, the leftover turkey will soon be the centerpiece of many meals to come.

Unless you failed to get a big enough bird, that is.

A good Thanksgiving host knows to buy a turkey based on the number of people it’s intended to feed, and the same goes for your demand generation and sales enablement content. When you plan ahead for both the big feast and the inevitable leftovers, you’ll have a whole lot to work with, in the kitchen.

Even better, if you get everyone to pitch in with the supporting “sides,” the food will go even further and last longer.

Enough with the metaphors. What does all of this mean for your marketing? Let’s put it this way:

Research from Marketo and Reachforce found that businesses are 67% better at closing deals when sales and marketing work together. This same concept can be applied any time multiple teams sit down at the same table: advertising, PR, social media, field marketing, customer support, customer success and more. Once your teams are in sync, you’ll find that the big bird of content strategy can be sliced and diced in many more ways than you originally thought possible.

One centerpiece of core messaging can carry a company through social media conversations, sales calls, email campaigns, paid search and so much more.


Turning Your Centerpiece into a Conversation Roadmap

Just as the human body can only stomach so much food at once, the human brain has limits on how much it will absorb and retain in a single setting. Social scientists refer to this as "cognitive backlog," and say it gives you a maximum of approximately 20 minutes before distraction sets in.

That means it will take multiple touchpoints for your message to have a lasting impact on your audience. And the more in sync your messaging is across channels, the better able you'll be to connect with prospects and turn them into customers.

Once you’ve refreshed your website, launched new landing pages, updated social media profiles, revamped email campaigns and started on the blog, it’s time to come up with new repurposing recipes that’ll amaze and delight your customers. This is where creativity is on your side. (Why make a regular turkey sandwich when you can throw in brie, avocado and cranberry sauce. YUM.)

As you slice, dice and divvy up those leftovers, here are several delectable dishes that'll stretch your power messaging further:

Infographics and SlideShares

If you’re not already repurposing your core content into visual representations of key messages, this is a great place to start. Infographics and SlideShare presentations let you condense large amounts of information into images and sound bytes that are easy to digest and remember.

Call Guides and Playbooks

These are often overlooked, which is a shame since they play an essential role in successful interactions. By placing scripts, templates, customer success stories and more at the fingertips of your sales team, you can ensure the right conversations are taking place at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 

Pitch Decks

Do you have a highly stylized, scripted presentation that tells your story and answers the all-important question — “Why Us?” — in 15 slides or less? If not, now’s the time.

Now that I have you thinking about your messaging, I’d encourage you to take action. In fact, in the holiday spirit of giving, I’d like to help you get started.

I shared several content templates for sales enablement and demand generation during Corporate Visions’ Client Success Summit. These templates are based on proven content marketing techniques and have been designed to greatly reduce the amount of time it’ll take to create the content assets mentioned above. Interested in getting access? Send me a message and let me know!

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Written by Sabra Willner

As Chief Marketing Officer, Sabra joins the leadership team to drive the introduction of Lenovo Software to education, mid-market and enterprise corporations. Sabra strives to build a culture where marketing initiatives not only deliver significant business growth but also contribute positively to the whole community. Sabra has cultivated a career around the full end-to-end marketing experience. Developing expertise in account and project management, brand development, customer experience, digital media strategy, channel marketing, and partner enablement, Sabra’s dedication is unparalleled. Since her start in the agency world, she understands the value of a brand and attributes her success to working with great brands, alongside abundant talent and mentors who are nationally and globally recognized for their excellence. A recent transplant from New York City to Boulder, Colorado, Sabra appreciates family time with her young daughter and husband, exploring new experiences, and enjoying the outdoors.

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