Unmasking the Mysterious Side of Online Training

Online training shouldn’t have to be a scary subject, but speaking to a sea of invisible faces can be an intimidating task. As more companies are making the switch to virtual training programs,..

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Virtual Classroom Tips: Lessons from the 2017 Online Learning Conference

Ah, New Orleans. It’s the ideal center stage for jazz bands, beignets and, well… deep-dive discussions on the latest in online training.

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Two Keys for Successful Virtual Training: Interactive Design + Engaging Delivery


Cindy Huggett, CPLP

When was the last time someone left your virtual training class and said: “That was the best class I’ve ever attended!” Or someone asked, “When can we do this again because..

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Introducing AirClass Engagement Score

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled blog content for an exciting announcement.

There are some BIG changes happening in Lenovo AirClass.

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