Creating Classrooms Without Limits

Imagine for a moment that you’re a middle school teacher. It’s a new school year with new students. Amid the teens in your class is one student who’s so shy, and has so much anxiety, that her..

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An Easy Way to Fight Digital Distractions in the Virtual Classroom

You’ve planned, prepped and staged. But how many attendees are actively engaged in your virtual classroom? A lull in participation could be a sign of copious note-taking… or it might indicate that..

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4 Ways to Accommodate Different Learning Styles in a Virtual Classroom

Did you know that having the right tools to work remotely can improve creativity? Or that building modern, mobile work spaces can greatly boost productivity? Sometimes, all it takes is a little..

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Gift Ideas for Your Company’s Corporate Trainer ($75 and Under)

Nothing says “thank you” the way a thoughtful gift does. But often, it can be challenging to choose a gift that’ll be truly meaningful to your employees.

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Unmasking the Mysterious Side of Online Training

Online training shouldn’t have to be a scary subject, but speaking to a sea of invisible faces can be an intimidating task. As more companies are making the switch to virtual training programs,..

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Virtual Classroom Tips: Lessons from the 2017 Online Learning Conference

Ah, New Orleans. It’s the ideal center stage for jazz bands, beignets and, well… deep-dive discussions on the latest in online training.

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Two Keys for Successful Virtual Training: Interactive Design + Engaging Delivery


Cindy Huggett, CPLP

When was the last time someone left your virtual training class and said: “That was the best class I’ve ever attended!” Or someone asked, “When can we do this again because..

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Introducing AirClass Engagement Score

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled blog content for an exciting announcement.

There are some BIG changes happening in Lenovo AirClass.

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