Even More Ways to Streamline Online Training

point a to b headerRecently, when we interviewed a select group from Training Magazine’s network, we asked this question:

How many different tools do you use for training?

For 35% of respondents, the answer was five or more. Another 46% said three or four.

That means the bulk of facilitators are contending with three, four, five or more tools — just to hold a single training session. In follow-up focus groups and one-on-one interviews, we discovered that it’s not at all uncommon for a corporate trainer to use a web conferencing tool to present and screen share, a cloud service to share course content, emails to answer follow-up questions and a survey tool to collect feedback.

That’s an awful lot to contend with. And to make a convoluted structure even more complicated, none of these tools provides a reliable way to see if participants are even engaging with the training.


This is precisely why we created AirClass — to streamline and simplify online training — and why we’re continually innovating and updating the platform based on feedback from trainers. AirClass combines the best features of disparate tools and dashboards to provide everything a virtual trainer needs, all in one central platform.

What, exactly, does that mean? Take a look at the latest enhancements, updates and new features:

With AirClass, our goal is to streamline and simplify online training by providing your favorite tools and features to engage the online audience. Our newest enhancements and feature updates make it easier than ever to support global audiences, increase engagement and collaborate with online participants.

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Written by Allison Howard

As the go-to marketing specialist for AirClass by Lenovo Software, Allison Howard oversees everything from analytics to events to social media — and somehow still has energy for competitive racing, traveling and putting her interior design skills to work. Current addictions include coffee, cooking and spoiling a cuddly Miki dog named Pepper Jack.

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