Work is a State of Mind


What if you could make remote work a win for your employees and your company?

It can be easy to see how remote work is a win for your employees: more time at home, reduced commuting time, more flexibility…pajamas all day. But sometimes it can be hard to see the benefit to employers. While many offices see benefits in reduced footprint, lower facilities costs, and higher morale, there has also been resistance to remote work from many employers. 

A lot of times it comes down to culture: a lack of trust between managers and employees, entrenched traditional ideas about productivity, and the idea of work as a place instead of a state of mind. But some of it also comes down to skepticism about the technology that enables remote work too.

It's worth bearing in mind that 77% of employees report that they are more productive when they work remotely. And let’s not overlook the fact that your remote workforce also includes field teams, customer service, sales and individuals traveling for business. 

Ultimately, the culture aspect is something that your organization has to address from the inside. But the technology that powers offsite work is finally reaching a point that it’s delivering on its promise

Thanks to its easy-to-use mobile-like interface that gives full access to apps, content and portals on any device and network, Unified Workspace can keep your entire workforce on the same page-- no matter where they are. At the same time you can eliminate potential obstacles like VPN. That means that employees can collaborate, innovate and drive the bottom line regardless of where they are or how they’re working.

Whether it’s making sure everyone has the latest training, knows how to get to vital information, or is using the right apps and systems, Unified Workspace makes it easy to keep your remote and in-office workforces in sync, productive, and up to date. And when that happens, workers are empowered to lead, innovate and drive the bottom line for the company, so they’re realizing ROI no matter where they are….or how they’re dressed.

Just remember, when it comes to wearing pants, “yes” is always the right answer.

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Written by Arik Abel

Arik Abel is the product marketing manager for Lenovo Unified Workspace. In this role he collaborates frequently with customers, industry analysts, sales and product management to help create a vision for how organizations will benefit from the Unified Workspace solution. Arik’s background includes marketing leadership roles in startups, technology, consumer brands and agencies.

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