1 Year of LanSchool at No Additional Cost on Lenovo Education Devices

Chromebook Classroom 

Are you getting ready to buy new PCs for your classrooms? Have you been considering a 1:1 device program for your schools?

Did you know that Lenovo offers a way to bring advanced technology to the classroom and get more bang for your budget?

Your K-12 school is eligible for a full year of LanSchool —simply by purchasing Lenovo education devices.  All Lenovo devices including laptops, notebooks, and tablets are built to meet military-grade requirements for dependability and durability, which means they’re capable of withstanding student spills, drops, and dings.

Lenovo Education Devices

If you want to ensure your purchase will last longer perform reliably, the world’s #1 provider of educational technology is the way to go.

Of course, which education devices you put in classrooms is only half the battle. How they’re used is what will ultimately make a difference in learning outcomes. And for that, there’s LanSchool from Lenovo Software 

What Is LanSchool? 

The leading classroom management solution from Lenovo Software, LanSchool provides a safe digital environment where teachers can keep students engaged and learning.

Designed to promote digital collaboration in the classroom, LanSchool lets teachers monitor student activity, distribute polls and quizzes, showcase student work and remove distractions … to name just a few of countless features.

Put simply, LanSchool allows educators to bring technology into the classroom in ways that can have a true impact on learning outcomes. Best of all, a streamlined tech console makes it easy for IT to distribute and manage our classroom management software over your network. 

Lenovo device+

What’s the LanSchool Classroom Bundle?

Each qualifying Lenovo device is eligible for a one-year LanSchool license. You’ll also get 12 full months of support and upgrades at no additional charge.

Already using your new Lenovo devices? It’s not too late! If you’ve purchased within the past year, there’s a good chance you’ll still qualify for the LanSchool bundle.

Ready to get started? Get in touch to learn more! Simply fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how to access your LanSchool Licenses. 

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