Implementing Gamification in Online Training

Portrait of excited man looking game on laptop at homeBy now, you’ve likely heard about gamification in the workplace. Adweek included it among a list of tools “every office should use in 2018," while companies such as Walmart are using it to train employees.

But what is gamification, and why is it gaining so much momentum? What does it involve? Can any corporate training program be “gamified,” or is it for big budgets only?

Budget on Red Button Enter on Black Computer Keyboard.

We decided to take a closer look at each of these questions… 

What Gamification Looks Like in the Workplace —and What It Isn’t

In the workplace, gamification can take many different forms. It might involve developing an immersive experience through a website, app or 3D experience. Many times, this is the best method. For example, when Lenovo Software created a 3D experience to demo its solutions, Gartner Symposium leads increased 350%.Read More

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Written by Dan Beckius

Beckius has been on the frontlines of virtual training for as long as he can remember. It all started 20 years ago, when he was often seen carting around desktop PCs and monitors for face-to-face training sessions. A vocal advocate for the power of online training, Beckius helps companies get as much as possible out of their virtual classrooms.

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