An Easy Way to Fight Digital Distractions in the Virtual Classroom

No distractionsYou’ve planned, prepped and staged. But how many attendees are actively engaged in your virtual classroom? A lull in participation could be a sign of copious note-taking… or it might indicate that participants are multitasking.

 Problem is, you have no way of knowing. Man Shrugging

In the online environment, where you can’t physically see which activities people are performing, digital distractions remain a big challenge for facilitators. The same devices that attendees use to access your virtual classroom are often populated with tempting alerts and browser tabs.

Thankfully, one easy-to-implement method can go a long way in capturing attention and keeping participants focused on learning. Read More

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Written by Dan Beckius

Beckius has been on the frontlines of virtual training for as long as he can remember. It all started 20 years ago, when he was often seen carting around desktop PCs and monitors for face-to-face training sessions. A vocal advocate for the power of online training, Beckius helps companies get as much as possible out of their virtual classrooms.

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