Creating Classrooms Without Limits

Online classroomsImagine for a moment that you’re a middle school teacher. It’s a new school year with new students. Amid the teens in your class is one student who’s so shy, and has so much anxiety, that her mother reaches out to tell you personally:

“She never raises her hand, and rarely asks for help. You’ll probably never hear from her.”

In response, you do your best to engage the student and find ways to make her feel comfortable.

How long do you think it would take for such a quiet, apprehensive middle schooler to open up? Six months? A full year?

How about a few weeks?

That’s precisely what happened at My Virtual Academy (MVA). This Michigan-based online school has expanded the traditional classroom to provide more flexible learning methods — ones that inspire all kinds of students to meet their full learning potential.

online classroom

In many ways, it’s a classroom without limits. And it’s making a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of middle and high schoolers.

What’s different about My Virtual Academy? Let’s take a look.   Read More

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Written by Dan Beckius

Beckius has been on the frontlines of virtual training for as long as he can remember. It all started 20 years ago, when he was often seen carting around desktop PCs and monitors for face-to-face training sessions. A vocal advocate for the power of online training, Beckius helps companies get as much as possible out of their virtual classrooms.

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