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Arik Abel is the product marketing manager for Lenovo Unified Workspace. In this role he collaborates frequently with customers, industry analysts, sales and product management to help create a vision for how organizations will benefit from the Unified Workspace solution. Arik’s background includes marketing leadership roles in startups, technology, consumer brands and agencies.
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Work is a State of Mind

What if you could make remote work a win for your employees and your company?

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Work Happens Here, There And Everywhere

It doesn’t seem so long ago that RIM’s Blackberry changed the way we thought of work. Suddenly our email and calendar went everywhere with us. The introduction of the modern smart phone just over..

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What Do Millennials Want?

Hint: it’s not about workplace gimmicks

It's happening. Of course, we all knew it was inevitable since they are the largest generation in modern history.

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7 Steps to Creating Breakthrough Disruption

What if there were just a few simple steps you could take that would transform your organization? Make you more nimble, energize your employees, excite your customers and make you up to 9x more..

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What Does Disruption Look Like?

Now that we’ve addressed what disruption is, it’s time to take a look at how disruption looks. The thing about disruption is that it isn’t really about being first to market with new technology...

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What is Industry Disruption?

Disruption. This buzzword has been thrown around the last few years. Depending on which industry you’re in, it can either make you feel giddy or terrified. But what exactly does disruption mean?

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How Hersha Hospitality Management Saves with Lenovo Unified Workspace

One of the world’s leading hospitality investment firms found the key to integrating hotels faster and at lower costs in a somewhat surprising place.  

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Can Working Remotely Improve Creativity? These 5 Ideas Prove It Can.

FACT: I do not work well from home. As a stereotypical extrovert, I thrive on the energy of other people around me to keep me charged. Even just seeing other people in the act of working makes me..

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How Lenovo Software Used Virtual Reality to Increase Leads 350% at Gartner Symposium


Anyone who works in digital marketing knows how frustrating it can be to play darts with spaghetti. (Or, in industry terms, to reduce friction and fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads.)


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