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Incorporating Classroom Management Software into Your Lesson Plans

How to Improve Your Lesson Plans with Classroom Management Software (Advice from Technology Teacher Susan Sebastiani)

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Work is a State of Mind

What if you could make remote work a win for your employees and your company?

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Work Happens Here, There And Everywhere

It doesn’t seem so long ago that RIM’s Blackberry changed the way we thought of work. Suddenly our email and calendar went everywhere with us. The introduction of the modern smart phone just over..

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1 Year of LanSchool at No Additional Cost on Lenovo Education Devices


Are you getting ready to buy new PCs for your classrooms? Have you been considering a 1:1 device program for your schools?

Did you know that Lenovo offers a way to bring advanced technology to..

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What Do Millennials Want?

Hint: it’s not about workplace gimmicks

It's happening. Of course, we all knew it was inevitable since they are the largest generation in modern history.

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